What is Translucent THC?


In a sea of clear concentrates, dab a distillate that is clearly superior: Translucent THC.

What is a distillate? Distillates are made from an extraction process called short path distillation to separate and refine molecules. Heat vaporizes the cannabinoids, which are then brought into a cooling system for consolidation and collection. This process creates an ultra-refined cannabinoid product — free of plant fats, acids and lipids — for a clean, clear concentrate.

Translucent THC is available in four dabbable distillates: Tangie, Moon Cookies, Granddaddy Purple and raw dab. We’ve identified over 60 terpene components, including trace terpenes, to create robust, true-to-strain flavors. All four distillates test above 80% THC and contain over 90% cannabinoids for a hard-hitting dab you won’t see coming.

Headlight’s distillates have something for everyone. Hybrid Moon Cookies is our most popular strain for its bright cerebral buzz and relaxing effects. Unwind with indica Granddaddy Purple and its sweet, berry aromas. For a more uplifting dab, our sativa Tangie is loaded with limonene, caryophyllene and myrcene. Crave a clean, high THC hit? Our raw distillate is the dab you need.

Is your rig ready for Translucent THC? Look for our distillates currently in Washington retailers below. Don't worry, these distillates will hit California dispensaries soon!