Headlight’s Tips and Tricks to Dabbing

Rig, banger, torch, time and carb cap — there’s a lot more to dabbing than oil and glass. Whether you’re new to extracts or a concentrate king, we’ve created a list of dab tips and tricks to help you step into the light.

Dab Nail

The most important factor when dabbing is nail temperature. Hot dabs can make even the dankest distillate taste like poop soup.

When it comes to dabbing, keep it cool. Use a torch and heat your nail or banger until it glows red. Then wait 30 to 60 seconds, depending on thickness of nail, for it to cool. Concentrate compounds like THC, D-limonene and linalool vaporize between 300 and 400°F. We recommend low-temp dabs between 350 and 500°F to maximize terps. If you have an E-nail, set the temperature between 400 and 600°F.

Flame and Remains

It’s perfectly normal for oil to remain in your nail after low-temp dabs. If your dab burns away completely, it’s too hot.

Too much oil left behind? Not enough sizzle? Take a second or two off your wait time, so your dab is good to the last drop.

Dab Tools and Carb Caps

Depending who you ask, some say to only use metal dab tools on titanium nails and glass dab tools on quartz nails. We say do what you want, but be careful mixing high temps and fragile tools. Whatever your preference, make sure your dab tool has a carb cap to utilize remaining terpenes and cannabinoids.

Cotton Swabs

Just like ashing a bowl, always clean the nail immediately after dabbing. This not only keeps your rig pristine, it means less butane burning off leftover material later. While you can use any type of cotton swab, we recommend ErrlyBird’s Tip Tech black cotton swabs.

Now that you’ve learned our tips and tricks, look for Headlight Translucent THC coming soon to Washington and California retailers. This high-potency distillate is perfect for low-temp dabs. Be warned, though: You might not see it coming.